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State of Texas - Department of Infomation Resources


Serenity Infotech is an approved vendor for State of Texas providing services in the following Categories and Titles under the contract DIR-TSO-3615:

  • Applications - Programmer / Developer Amalyst, Programmer / Developer software Test Analyst, Technical Writer, Business Analyst and Systems Analyst.
  • Data Management - Database Architect, Data Warehouse Architect and Database Administrator
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Project Manager - Project Manager and Project Lead
  • Telecom / Networking - Network Engineer and Network Administrator
  • Security - Security Analyst, Security Engineer and Security Architect
  • Custoner Technical Support - Help Desk and Technical Support
  • Information Technology Service Management - Oraganizational Change Management/OCM Analyst
  • IT Marketing - Information Technology Communication Coordinators
  • Information Technology Training - IT End Users Trainer
  • Information Technology Contract Management - IT Contract Manager

Not-to-Exceed hourly rates for the services based on Category, Title, Skill Level and Technology Type are listed here.
At present Serenity Infotech does not intend to use subcontractors for State of Texas. If in the future need arises to subcontract any portion of the work, the list of approved subcontractors with HUB status will be published here. To procure services or for more information on services offered by Serenity Infotech please contact Dilip Tunki at 770-242-9966 or dilip@serenityinfotech.com .

DIR IT Staffing Services

DIR IT Staffing Services can be accessed through the following link: IT Staffing
Serenity Infotech vendor page at DIR IT Staffing Services can be accessed through the following link: Serenity Infotech
If you would like to get more information from DIR, please contact Joan Scott at 512-475-3290 or joan.scott@dir.texas.gov
For more information on DIR program, please visit the DIR Cooperative Contracts Program site: Cooperative Contracts
For more information on obtaining quotations for services or in preparing purchase orders before a vendor is authorized to start services, please contact Serenity Infotech or DIR .

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